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The DS-451 is the ideal choice for Bulk Weighment of Milk in Dairy Plants & BMC Chiller Units. Built fully out of Stainless Steel 304, it ensures very high level of Hygiene and low level of Maintenance.

Technical Specifications

Processor 8-bit Micro-computer
Weighing unit kg
Display resolution Max. of 1/6000 (selectable)
Weight Sensor Load cell
Power supply 230V AC, 50Hz, +/- 10%
Display Type - VFD (Vacuum Florescent Dsplay)
Colour - Green
No. of digit & size - 6 digits, 13 mm height
Key Board No. of Keys - 6 keys (TACT switch)
Material of construction - Polyester
Features Tare 299.90 kg (upto 50% of machine capacity)
Weight addition (max. 6 digits)
Cumulative weight (total weight)

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